Another dream, May BE…. #Dream #Breath #Daily living #Promises #humanity

Another dream comes to an end…Another life is nipped in the bud!

Desires, dreams, ambitions and hopes,
That had flowed undeterred, had soared high and mighty,
Agile Spirits, and promises of tomorrow –
All drained and lost, thrust into an unfathomable anonymity!
Another melody stifled before its utterance,
Another sigh went unheard from its heaving breath;
Millions of voices all drained amongst the monotony of mundane chores,
Our lives weighed down by the bogs of endless trivialities, constantly craving for the farfetched rejoices and pleasures!

O, But can you feel the freshness in the whiff of your daily living?

Can you sing another fellow heart into a melodiously rejuvenating repose?
O, Can you wipe off tears from another stricken soul?
Or can you strike a chord of humanity, within another fraternal soul?
The answers to these questions, lays in a callous negation!
Somewhere, we forgot to ‘live’ amidst the din and the dust of today’s cat and the rat’s race!
Somewhere our hearts have ceased to feel the worlds sorrow in our face,
Simple passions of the joys and the pains, emotions of the sorrows and the strains.
Somewhere, we have lost our awareness of the Self,

Somewhere we have forgotten rejoicing in the naturalities of harmony and peace!

Can we revive it? Can we resuscitate it?

Only the mind can contemplate unto this quest.

Maybe, the malleability of the human heart, spirit and the soul,

Might pave a way towards sustenance and preservation,

Maybe, it may lead into an eternal cycle of evolution & survival – breaking the clutters and the realms of human bondages!

May be, another tune would spring up sooner,

The heart might revive,

Another life would be born,

Another dream would unleash

A newer beginning of a whole new world……a new life!

May be…….

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