Whispers of the hearts! #Napowrimo2018


Frail in frame, frail in heart and frail in mind,
My spirit and my faith dwindling in the being and becoming of me.

For all the heartaches and pains I ve been through

For all the passions and desires that I’ve soared with you
You remain my honor, my pride and my respect.

You remain an eternal part of me.

You and I, whose bond would not break with remorses, anger, mis understandings or verbal combats;

That may have arose through assumptions.

Assumptions, that stemmed from fear, uncertainty, distances and unmet expectations,

Assumptions, perchance, that were born from changed expectations.

Or Assumptions, perchance, that stemmed from judgements, inhibitions, or modest accommodations.

I remain a part of you, as much as you mine.
‘Coz life has brought us together in goodness, balance and strife!!!

Despite dreams and desires, looming large and bright,

But words, they are, rugged and abridged,

Curbed expressions and faded Mights…..

How could I convince you to bring you back on our resilient path,

How could I hold you on to the havens of our hearts?

Pause, and, allow the truth to unfold,

Pause, and, allow the soliloquy of our transient souls.

Hear it in solitude, and, hear it amidst our silences.

Hear it loud, and, hear it clear.

Open our hearts and welcome the song…

The song of togetherness that lingers in each of the hearts…


“You and I – don’t merely become.
You and I – remain and sail together.

You and I – were meant to be through ‘sands of times’.

To my love, my passions, my soul,

From my 💓 heart to your heart…..”

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"We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve."

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