She is sitting….. #past #present #future #timelessness #Napowrimo2018

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This was a quote I had written at the back of my class note book of Marathi in my class X during a Marathi class. We had to submit this note book for their assessment. Next day, I was surprised and to my short and dismayal, my Marathi teacher in front of the entire class, started receiving this quote satirically pointing his finger towards me! I was zapped, felt insulted and scoffed upon. He had even hit me with a scale on my palm in the class and had swored that that’s what my plights gonna be in my life when I did such stuff during classes! Nevertheless, later, this became a joke amongst my classmates and friends….
Today, reminiscing, sharing, enjoying the episode in respite!!!

This quote is all powerful to represent the timelessness of our universe, our life!

An idea, let us say, to my Class X friends!!!♥️

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