The gender inequality & conflicting culture for Indian Bahu (daughter in law).

Kerala Woman’s Post On India Churning Out Sanskari Bahus But Undeserving Husbands Is Spot On

My take on above article & Link!

The subjugation of women has been beautifully knit within the cultural fabric of our country and is deeply entrenched within both genders, across all relations, that although we have a century plus generations of educated women who have fought for their liberty and freedom, the rigid conservationists have thwarted and ridiculed every action of liberalization of a girl or a woman. Men continue to be the way men are reared while women themselves support in resisting the voices for equality & freedom raised by their sisterhood’s, of their near and dear ones. Divorces, dowry cases, equal rights on fathers property are pillars deployed by the legal system mainly to strengthen the women & is a tryst to promote & found equal rights. On the contrary, manipulations and emotional black mails too are used to dissuade all the efforts put by a woman who fights & is trying to have her individuality & ideologies manifested & lived without hindrances or judgement. Educated, employed women praised as super mom’s in itself is a sign of parasitism within the society. Asking sacrifices from women and not men is another social taboo that is encouraged in women to sustain the flagship of she being a revered diety as it supports the cultural vice, patriarchy & superiority of men!! Gender equality should be a new subject, if at all it could be written as a social reform by leaders like those who built the Constitution of India. It is said “a society’s worth is depicted through the manner in which it’s people treat their women, children & the weaker sections of the society”. Wonder when did women fall under the category of weaker sections, wonder how, when & why did the change ever took place?!