Happy New Year 2019!

As the old year passes by, I speculate on what I took with me and what I left behind!
As I introspect on the prices that I paid to get closer to the people I have loved and the distances that I lost with every enemy that I have shirked.
As I retrospect on all the battles that I chose, won and lost,
Wounded with pride to gain laurels as I healed, or felt my heart melt in the arms of those that I reeled!
As I cherish all the moments and the scars that I have gained.
I renounce this year with gratitude and bliss,
And I pronounce the harbinger of another year,
Full of unknown experiences, good or bad I know not,
But with open arms I welcome thee, because with you I live to rise from living to growing.
Advent of the New Year is another opportunity to become – one more year just a bit more better, bit more experienced and a bit more wiser! Grace be thy name as the tides of time slowly but steadily moves towards another year of sojourn!
Wish all my cotravellers who touched me on the sands of time – A happy and a prosperous New year 2019!