Life, Where you heading to?!

Life, O life, where’s it that you heading to?
Is time moving too fast or is it I who is struggling to keep up with with your pace?

Or, is it that I made a poor bargain?
Accepting societal impositions,

That took me farther away from my ambitions and unrealised dreams?

or drifted me into eternal saga of deepest voids,

Away from solitude and feelings of being alive?!

Life smiled back, with utmost sadness,

Curled up next to me, gently,

full of compassion and oodles of wisdom;
Smilingly she said,
“My dear innocent you! You forgot to live, as you work hard to stay on top of your ‘the game’,
a ruthless and a headless game of money, power and fame!
The game that man loves tell taling as “The Making of My life!”

Untill when dear Man, would you keep humming through the din and the dury in creating your life? What’s it’s end and what’s it’s beginning?!
What is Life, as perceived by you?
Don’t you see it, your life, on the contrary, began right from the day you were born!”

“By the time your castles are built, your accomplishments are done, your spirit and your time, would have reached closer to their ends!

Decide, where You heading towards?!

And as Life, The Me, shall continue to move in it’s owns race, and at my owns pace….

At times I may wait for you to catch up on your breath or hear your sigh of relief.
You, O Man, my constant shadow, and Me your shade,
You forgot to live this gift called as “Life” and have forsaken living it while chasing the sham & the pomp of the mundanes of the living.”

It’s not I, that’s going anywhere, O Man, You hear?!
It’s You, who’s moving away…..”