Holika Dahan! (Destruction of Holika!)

#Holikadahan #Holicelebration #

Holi burning at Street side.

Last night as I was on my way back home, I saw Holi burning at each and every book and corner of the streets; on the roads blocking traffic, blaring music in societies or hutments
Men celebrating or using cuss words passing by, women in excitement of the celebration;
A couple by the street side sharing intimate kiss and PDA.
This, amidst the hatred and animosity that’s within the hearts of our citizens on religious differences, polarzation and highly opinionated cacophony.

Wonder the devil within each of us, within our society, within our neighborhood, in our precincts,  despite each society and every settlement apparently seen to burn the Holika separately in their groups to represent their faith, belief and celebrate the extermination of evil whilst creating much environmental pollution, while, utmost difficult at the moment to decipher prevalence of  mental and moral degradation within the fabric of our society!

Life goes on though, while  the quote is a summation of the pondering.

“Burana Mano Holi Hai”.