Yes – No – Maybe!

A brief string of conversation amidst my 11.5-year-old son, a nerd steeped in computer games, challenged my beliefs and left me in a conundrum: “Yes-No-maybe!”

“Remember one thing, people can steal your name fame and money, diamonds and gold, relationships, everything that you can have excepting your intelligence”
My son looking askance at me, low tone, firm voice and a strong conviction: “You are lying, then why did people steal Einstein’s brain?”

It was a jolt in the blue! Damn, despite me steeped in scientific domain, little did I know of this harsh reality! My son continued in my total bewilderment : Einstein’s brain was used by scientists after his death” Once again I failed in my tryst to play a new age parent and hold a “man to man talk” with this millennial.

I fervently perused the internet archives that unravelled “The strange after life of Einstein’s brain”!
Apparently, Dr Thomas Harvey (clinical pathologist) who was conducting autopsy on Einstein broke his cranium and stole the brain with an ulterior motive to publish scientific paper on Einstein’s intelligentsia.
Little did he know then, that the “brain in the jar” clandestinely hid in a cardboard box inside a beer ……
Would turn to be curse ripping him off his job, position/credentials, his wife and a secure life!

Life is a continuum of acts, events with myriads of crossroads of “Yes-No-Maybes”. Well, Einstein wished to die & lie low, oblivious that his brain will be studied, fought and lie as a relic in a museum? Dr Harvey gambled his life for a scientific publication with little in return.

Life’s all about taking a quantum leap of faith, intuition a beacon to overcome our fears of outcome. My son’s dream to be a You-tuber or video editor could be OK, Yes-No-Maybe, he smashed my known societal norm with this new facet altogether; I would rather toss the coin in the air and let it roll, ‘coz life, it merely flows and he shall find his path.