CHANGE, the only CONSTANT. #Napowrimo2018

I agree, what is life without uncertainty??!!!

Have anyone of you experienced life in its absolute certainty?! Wonder how had our lives be under the realms of absolute certainty?

Life with certainty has no zest, no surprises, the excitement fades off with time, constancy in its constants loses its charm, perhaps it may lead towards eventual boredom. Being constant cannot be natural in any sense!

CHANGE is the only CERTAINTY THAT NATURE HAS TO OFFER US, change has been an epitome of evolution, adaptation, versatility. Change infuses novelty, change in all its forms, favourable or unfavourable, is an inevitable part of the universal laws of nature. Change displays sheer intricacies and nuances of the daily necessities of our life, undoubtedly encountered by all of us at any nook and corner, every day, every minute and every second of our lives!!


And yet, although we all know it, we actually try to dissuade it. That inevitable change causes so much of discomfort within us; we resist it or just shun it, at times we fight tooth and nail to retain what we love, what we have set as a habit on our lives, we hold on to it so tenaciously, unknowingly resisting every other opportunity that it may be knocking on our doors, but alas, life and nature has a way to nudge, prod, push or just kick us to accept the very change.


The energy that saps in the internal rift and rife against what ‘we want’ versus ‘what we have to’ go through is phenomenally draining and stressful. We have this intrinsic trait to ‘fight or flight’ for our survival, a primitive instinct that defines our endurance, our capacity to combat whatever form of change that it be; then why and since when have we as humans shackled ourselves into self-made comforts?

Somewhere, with industrial advancements in information technology, we have rolled into a set belief system, created by our societies as an absolute way of our living. This not only has dulled our senses & unlearned our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism at managing uncertainties in our life. The conditioning to keep abreast with best of gadgets, social status or physical or material achievements in life gained precedence while failure is degraded as a social stigma, an absolute shame, a disgrace that no one is primed to manage it appropriately.

We glorify success while failures are ridiculed and jeered upon. With power gurus & management gurus, failure although promoted as a stepping stone to success, the common man amongst whom we cohabit, are yet to cope up with this and are inept while dealing with struggle creating constant stress & suffering.


Its never the change that causes much grief but our responses, inferences & beliefs create anxiety or happiness. Our spirit yearns to find ourselves, a constant search on our existentialism, striving to seek meaning to our life; on who we are, what’s our life’s purpose, why we do the way we do?

In our daily internal battles, we continue to ‘live and die’ each day, craving for something that’s outside of us. We seek changes per our heart’s desire, without balancing internal scales of our happiness, chasing empty dreams, materialistic acquisitions, social realizations to puff our egos, and yet, return back to an interminable, eternal void. Everything lies within, look within thyself, introspect, to find your happiness.

Albeit, happiness cannot come from finding oneself or solitude for long, the journey of life needs to be constantly explored from seeking togetherness with our near & dears, gaining acceptance within the society, and not from recognition or external validation. Life lived either for the larger benefit or the greater good, without which our lives would be in vain! Giving back is more soulful than giving is the essence of life that leads to nirvana, absolute beatification! Finding self and its higher purpose, would not only bring internal peace & satisfaction but would anticipate any change, desirous or disastrous, with equal dexterity. Experiencing uncertainty only then becomes a joyous journey and the fight responses are harnessed to get the best of what you want as it is synchronous with one’s life’s purpose.


Thus, irrespective of where we all are heading towards, or what we all are going through, experiencing life as it comes, is what keeps us live and kicking. For a minute, stop in your tracks, create the arena of self awareness and stop judging, stop comparing, stop competing; there’s no right or wrong turn, it’s here and the now, anticipating self, anticipating others as they come and anticipating changes in the tides of times. Time, the only CONSTANT, that keeps ticking until the end of our times.

So live it, love it, celebrate it, the present is yours, revel! The past was gory, sour, spiteful or glorious, successful or tumultuous, accept it because nothing remains a constant! The future is inevitable & uncertain, embrace it without expectations, judgments or promises. Tomorrow is unpredictable, so enjoy until it lasts!! Success, money, failure, or love, happiness, grief & sorrows, upon which we evaluate ourselves, constantly change towards growth, regrowth or transformation – let it happen. One who gains command in accepting the unacceptable or welcoming the inevitable at all times – is a true game changer.

To sum it all, sheer living is important, rest is worldly history that has no significance to “THE LIVING”! After all, everything goes down to ashes, what remains is the spirit and the essence of living that has mastered or un-mastered it all! Enjoy the journey as & till it lasts.