Another dream, may be….

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Another dream comes to an end…Another life, nipped in the bud!

Dreams and desires, hopes and fires, that soared high and mighty,

Agile Spirits, harbingering promises of tomorrow, drained and lost, thrust in an unfathomable obscurity!

Another melody stifled before its utterance, another sigh gone unheard through a heaving breath;
Millions of voices, all drained, in the mundane chores of monotony,
Our lives weighed down by the bogs of endless trivialities, constantly craving the farfetched joys and pleasures!

Oh, but can you feel the whiff of freshness in your daily living? Are you breathing or are you surrendering?

Can you sing a fellow heart a melodious rejuvenating repose?
Oh, can you softly wipe off tears from another stricken soul?
Or can you spark a chord of kindness, within another fraternal soul? 
Answers to these questions, lay in a callous negation, compassion drowned as frigid emotions.

Somewhere, we forgot to ‘live’, as stuck amidst the din and dust of our cat and the rats’ race!
Somewhere, our hearts ceased to empathize on the sorrows of our world,
Simple joys and pains, faded in the urban strains.
We lost grip of our essence of being and forgot to rejoice in the natural rains.

Our hearts thus furthered from the harmonies of our being, we lost our inner peace while seeking external abundance as validations of ourselves.

Can we revive us? Can we resuscitate our living? Our minds can contemplate on this eternal quest for sanity.

Perchance, our pliable hearts, spirits and kindred’s soul, may pave a way to persevere to preserve, sustain to survive our human race,

Perchance, the cluttered realms of human bondages could be shattered, as we reconnect to revive, declutter to not just grow but thrive, in an eternal cycle of mindful introspection!

And in doing so, perchance, another tune may spring back, revving songs of mirth and genuine revivals,

Another life will be born, another dream unleashed, a beginning of a whole new world……a new life! May be……